Our stainless steel bracelets come in timeless elegant selections as well as modern styles.   These durable individual link bracelets can be custom sized for fit and may be worn continuously.  Looking good and feeling great don't compromise with the stainless steel link bracelet.  

Every Tuning Bracelet is individually tuned to the Earth's natural frequency of 7.83 Hz, schumann resonance and this unique tuning allows your body to tune itself to its own natural frequency by simply coming into contact with the skin. 

Our customers have reported many benefits after using the bracelet, such as pain relief, reduced swelling, better sleep, and less fatigue.  They have enjoyed positive improvements in range of motion, coordination, balance, strength, energy and alertness. 

For this reason, our bracelets are designed to be comfortable and durable enough to be worn continuously.

Perfectly tuned frequency imprint on every bracelet helps your body resist the constant bombardment of harmful frequencies from computers, cell phones, radios, microwaves, etc.

  • This beautiful Tungsten Bracelet It is all high polish with beveled edges and has gray carbon fiber inlay.
  • Scratch proof and forever keep its shine.
  • Tungsten Carbide is ranked second hardest next to diamond on the Mohs scale, diamond being a 10 followed by Tungsten Carbide as 9.
  • All of our Tungsten Bracelets are Cobalt Free and hypoallergenic.
  • Our Braclets will not cause skin irritations
  • Due to the Hardness of Tungsten, these Bracelets can be laser engraved, but not hand engraved.

Tuning Tungsten Bracelets - TB1